To the Heart of a Mustang is a film project that will follow the journey of a wild mustang from the rugged ranges of Northern California to trusted friend.

America’s wild horses are in jeopardy. Their future is being threatened by over grazing of privately held cattle and habitat destruction from mining and energy exploration.

The goal of this project is the raise awareness of the issues that jeopardize the future of mustangs in America and to bring you up close and personal with one of these unique and noble horses.

Please join us weekly for new episodes following Aries, a beautiful red roan gelding, as he learns to trust a human.


To the Heart of a Mustang

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The West was won on the backs of horses.  Their descendants run unbridled and free across parts of the Western United States.  Wild horses are in the middle of a battle for their freedom and continued existence.  Get to know one of these majestic horses in a way few people have the honor of doing.  Come follow Aries, a 13 year old mustang, as he navigates the strange and unfamiliar world of humans with his new owner Kathryn.  This is a story of friendship, patience, and taking a leap of faith.  Follow this story to see what can happen when a wild heart is not broken, but is won over.